A birdwatcher’s role in spreading awareness and support conservation of birds.

A birdwatcher has a crucial role in spreading awareness and support the process of conservation of birds. The fact that you are a birdwatcher (birder) signifies that you love the avian species. As a bird lover it is your responsibility to attract more people into birdwatching and create awareness about birds as they are a very important part of our ecosystem that needs conservation.

What all can you do as a birder?

  1. Keep record of your sightings.
  2. Submit your field observations to record keeping agencies national and/or international.
  3. Take part in bird counting activities.
  4. If possible, take part in conservation activities with concerned agencies and organizations. Nature Conservation Society of Nashik
  5. Publish your observations or writings on birds in newspapers or magazines. If you know someone in the publishing industry, use the opportunity to publish write-ups that promotes the activity of birdwatching and conservation of nature at large.
  6. Have a website, social media pages etc. talking about birds and promote it among friends and other people around you. You never know, a single article or a single photograph shared can plant the seed to creating a new ‘Birder’ serious about conservation of the species.
  7. Organise bird watching trips with friends. Not necessarily a whole-day trip. Promote the respectful act of ‘birding’ and promote nature conservation.
  8. During birding do keep your actions in control following proper birding ethics so as not to destruct bird habitats.

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