Times back, due to some unknown reason, I got attracted to the avian life and to the extent that I started reading books about them, visited multiple websites, forums, blogs on the subject, bought a DSLR with a 70-300mm tele-photo lens in installments (which I gathered were the minimum required equipment for bird photography) and finally was spending substantial part of my daytime in the woods and other such places in and around Nashik. Today, though the outings are more controlled, the passion has increased many folds.  

This site aims to cover one of the most beautiful, colorful, fascinating and vulnerable part of nature… ‘Birds’. The idea was to share the experiences of birding and the knowledge gained through the years  about this winged wonders and the nature around us, with the hope that this site will inspire many more into bird-watching as a way to understand nature and to realise that bird watching is a challenge that requires patience and passion.

But the essential part will always be my small attempt to create awareness about conservation of this vulnerable nature. If an image or a piece of text from this site creates a sense of responsibility, for conservation, in a single heart that will be a reward for this attempt.

While going through the pages of this site do remember that they are the sincere attempt of a bird watcher to “spread the word” and nothing more… Hoping, that the pages of this site and associated blog(s) will get richer, with time.

Happy birding…