First trip to Nandur Madhyameshar Bird Sanctuary

Nandur Madhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary in Niphad Dist. of Maharashtra is known as “Bharatpur of Maharashtra”. Though it lacks the infrastructure, this place never miss to amaze you. Visited this place multiple times and every time it provided something new to cherish. Sharing few images from my first trip to this bird sanctuary that, I hope, will help the reader get an idea of the place and the variety of avian species it offers.

This place is around 40 kms from Nashik  and easily accessible by road. It takes around an hour’s drive by car to reach Nandur Madhyameshar from Nashik. After around 30 mins drive, before chandori, you leave the Aurangabad-Nashik highway to take the saikheda road (towards right) and after crossing the bridge over Godavari, take the Saikheda -Shingwa Road (towards left). After around 10 kms drive you look for the guide post (left side) showing Nandur Madhyameshar Bird sanctuary and turn left. A further drive of around 1 km through the village fields around (I could spot many species like babblers, owls here as well), will bring you to the entrance gate of the bird sanctuary.

A Babbler at a nearby field

Before my first visit here I had heard so much about this place and was really excited while going inside through the gates. As I finally passed through the tickets and formalities, what lay in front of me was a clear patch of wide mud road and beyond that a vast area of grassland that extends till the road is visible and beyond on both sides, with multiple watchtowers  around. 

One of the many watchtowers

I took a mud road about 3 feet wide between the the bushes, towards one of the towers. When finally I was on top of the tower a whole world of migratory and waterbirds overwhelmed me. Here lies the swampy backwaters of the Nandur Madhyameshar Dam on the Godavari river, full of life.

Apart from the migratory birds and the other waterbirds I could spot many more species like the Bee-eaters, Prinias and more in an around the grasslands.

A predator in search
The Green Bee-eater

For me, the day passed by in close proximity of nature and one of its most beautiful offerings.  The sun was about to retire for the day and the birds were flying back to their shelters. With a promise to come back again I rested my camera and approached the tea stall near the gates for a hot cup of tea.

painted storks returning to their shelter
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