Backwaters of Dams around Nashik – a place for the birds

Almost every backwaters of dams provides an amazing experience of nature with vast areas of blue water and proximity with some species of birds dependent on water for their food and overall well-being. Nashik is surrounded by such dams big and small on Godavari and some other small rivers. The backwaters of some of these dams are lesser known and are still untouched by so called picnic loving crowd. They provide you with a chance to experience the addictive calmness of nature at its best.

Backwaters of Gangapur Dam, Nashik

Gangapur Dam has vast backwaters and accordingly has multiple access points. Some of these are frequently visited by holiday groups and a few others are rarely visited by common population and provides with opportunity to capture bird images.

Here, would like to share some clips from the visit (April 2014) …


Backwaters of Alandi Dam, Nashik

Sharing some photos from the trip to Alandi Dam backwaters (sometime in 2013).  Its one of the lesser known, seldom visited areas and provides you with the opportunity feel the calmness undisturbed and to photograph birds (don’t expect variety though) from a fairly close range.

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