A day with the Coppersmith Barbets in Guwahati, India

During my visit to the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – the Rhino garden, I stayed with one of my friend in Guwahati.

It was a quiet afternoon. As I looked outside the window that opens up to the garden with flowers and fruit trees around, I could hear a copersmith barbet (sounds similar to a coppersmith striking metal with a hammer – tuk tuk tuk …). With some effort I could spot the barbet (coppersmith barbet is also called the crimson-breasted barbet and has a crimson forehead and throat). It was not alone, as it flew towards its shelter I could see its partner peeping from a tree hole . 

What followed was a treat to watch and luckily I had the camera in vicinity to keep record of this event. Sharing some snaps for all.

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